Journalist. Paris-based since 2009.

I cover wine, spirits, and restaurants. Also art, music, and fashion. In Paris and elsewhere. Natural wine blog: Not Drinking Poison In Paris.

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Champeaux article

EVEN Magazine: The Belly of the Beast

A canopy of gold floats above the site of Paris’s erstwhile central food market. Les Halles reemerges, but where can you eat?

Winery article

THE FINANCIAL TIMES: Five of the best: Provençal wineries

These winemakers are no more than an hour’s drive from the photography festival in Arles...

22tmag petit 01 master768 article
The New York Times

THE NEW YORK TIMES: A New Spot in Paris for Healthy Japanese — and Natural Wines

Opened just in time for the start of men’s fashion shows (and soon, couture) in Paris, the two-month-old restaurant Le Petit Keller offers a fresh perspective on healthy cuisine. The Japanese menu was designed by Kaori Endo, who was a chef at Rose Carrarini’s Rose Bakery in the late aughts before launching Nanashi in 2010, a Parisian bento empire that drew in an equally fashionable crowd for its wholesome bentos and delicate desserts.

Ft piece article
The Financial Times

THE FINANCIAL TIMES: Five of the best: new hotel bars in Paris -

Just steps from the Champs-Elysées, the Mathis’s candlelit space has nine plush banquettes, a narrow bar and a smooth-talking host sporting a crystal collar-chain. The cocktail list by wunderkind bartender Maxime Potfer features Old Cubans and aged...

Open uri20160427 18536 1dttbyb article

GREY Magazine: An Interview with Serge Lutens

Nov 30, 2013 ... An Interview with Serge Lutens. by Aaron Ayscough. photography Aryanà Francesca Urbani. coordination Mariaelena Morelli. 30 November ......

Fullsizerender article

THE HAPPY READER: Bathtime in Bordeaux

I'm examining the wine list at Rouge, the least formal of four restaurants installed in Les Sources de Caudalie, a hotel and spa in the Graves region of Bordeaux. It is twilight in July. The surrounding deck tables...

Fantastic man rec article

FANTASTIC MAN: Recommendation: The Chic & The Humble Deliciously Combined

With regard to food pairings, Champagne exists in a gilded cage all it's own. The sparkling wine's long-term status as the definitive luxury item means that...

Beaujolais nouveau aux tonneaux des halles boris and patrick fabre 2 e1417885040566 article
Paris By Mouth

PARIS BY MOUTH: The Redemption of Beaujolais Nouveau

Beaujolais Nouveau is rather like gin – people who won’t touch the stuff usually have a legendarily bad story to tell involving a harrowing experience with the worst product imaginable.

Open uri20160427 18536 a2zv8f article

PUNCH | The Veltlin Revolution: Czech Natural Wine Is Born

On the wall of Veltlin, a wine bar south of the river in Prague’s Karlìn neighborhood, there is a map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire drawn by local arti...

Deck donohue article
Paris By Mouth

PARIS BY MOUTH: Eating & Drinking in Montreuil

Don’t get excited: Paris has no Brooklyn. Due to short-sighted urban planning in mid-century, Paris is cinched into its ring-road, le péripherique, like a dress it wore sixty years ago and never removed.

Novueau article
Paris By Mouth

PARIS BY MOUTH: Celebrating Beaujolais Nouveau In Paris 2014

Loving the night of Beaujolais Nouveau in Paris is like loving country music. One is constantly obliged to explain oneself. No other genre of wine has been so rightly derided by the international wine press for its superficiality.

Open uri20160427 18536 srlrtz article

PUNCH | Paris’s Secret Natural Wine Lists

Aaron Ayscough explores how demand for natural wines has given birth to a collection of secret wine lists. August 14, 2014. story: Aaron Ayscough....

Open uri20160427 18536 gxehzr article

PUNCH | Entrée Libre: Thierry Breton Reinvents the Paris Wine Bar

At La Pointe du Grouin euros aren’t accepted. Instead, guests exchange them for the bar's own sovereign currency called “groins” at a change machine...

Beaujo article
Paris By Mouth

PARIS BY MOUTH: Beaujolais Nouveau 2015

The imminent annual release of Beaujolais Nouveau – no longer a media firestorm in the best of circumstances – may seem, in the wake of last Friday’s Paris terror attacks, about as pertinent as a rubber duck.

Open uri20160427 18536 hs7f2r article

PUNCH | The Not-So-Pink Plight of Natural Rosé

Bus passengers in Paris this month are treated to a final confirmation of summer’s arrival, in the form of rosé advertisements from the Conseil Interpro...